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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas comes early

I guess lack of cable in the 1980's and 90's mean I am not exactly the MTV (X) generation.  Majority of my toys were hand me downs, Christmas and birthday were the only times one got a brand new toy, I remember fighting over the Sears and JcPenny Catalog to make lists of those toys.  I have to admit I didn't have a real interest in my early years with barbie, at the time I was still playing with fisher price little people and GI Joe 3 3/4 action figures. Then I got the Glamour girl mall and the 4" Glamour Dolls or as we saw it girlfriends for the Joes, from Kerr Drug Store.   The majority of our toys came from Kerr Drugs, Roses and the Family Dollar, for those young folks Family Dollar was the Big Lots of the 80's, outdated toys went there and sometimes Kerr Drugs.  Basically allot of my toys came from Family Dollar, hand me downs and yard sales. The two new expensive dolls we got were from Sears Craig and myself Lindsey when I was around 5.  I also remember saving up money to purchase a set of dishes for my tree house from the JcPenny catlog

That would be the only two "new dolls" we would get, the next doll I got was at 8 when I found barbie for $.10 at a yard sale in her red heart dress around 1986 about 3 years after she came out

Still no real interest until one summer I was roaming the toy department in Brendals one of only a few stores in my small town when I came to an abrupt stop at some blue boxes.  My eyes got big as sacucers and I was proably drooling it was the Heart Family.

Barbie collecting was the only girly thing I was still interested in by the young age of 11, at 6 dresses went out the window and my baby dolls sat lonely in the crib in my tree house.  I did still take dance but sports was more my speed, barbie and cooking where the two girly things my mom and I shared.  In reality she actually purchased more dolls then I are taste were different at that time.

I wanted everything on the pamphlet that came in the box, the house, the car and furniture, sadly I never did get that from Santa.  I did however get the HO train set I asked for, along with the my little pony with carriage, and a Red wagon.  My sister go a 13" tv and an Atari that Christmas as well, and that would be all we got, which would come to a shock for kids these days.

Using the inflation calculator our parents spent alot of money for the few gifts we got, but we were grateful for what we got it, unlike most kids today.

The A frame house was another item I wanted but it had been long out of production, then I wanted the 4 ft Dream House with the elevator that Jenny and Avy got one Christmas, along with the boutique shop Rene got, then there was the Rockers and there van and Jem.  Sadly it wouldn't be until decades later I would attain some of the items.

Googling one day to find things to do when I traveled multiple times a month to the Cancer Hospital I stumbled upon a Vintage Brick and Mortar Barbie Store in 2011.  My sister and I stopped by I walked in there was the biggest Barbie RV ever, it wasn't the Rockers Tour Bus it was the original yellow Star Traveller. Naturally being my birthday was coming up my sister paid the $50 for the bus, it was more than that until the shop owner learned I was a cancer patient.  His partner had just finished chemo himself so I got a discount.  I also picked up two gallon bags of clothes from the bins. They also had the A Frame house for $100, it was the Pink one for Christmas.   That summer I also hit the  mother-load at the flea market picking up lots of vintage furniture, a few vehicles, and various dolls.

This past month I was finally able to find the 1st A frame House that I longed for along with the Cottage, so I have 2 A frames, a cottage and the Heart Family home.  I plan on turning the Heart Family Home into a two story Store/Mini Mall.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Malibu Beach House Renovation Project

Here is pictures of the first section of the house, still need to so some touch up painting on the roof and side.  In addition to the touch up I still need to pain the two roof connectors and the sleeves. I hope to have this one completed by the end of the weekend if I can stay up long enough, my body is still trying to adjust to the latest addition of yet another pill to battle the ache and pains caused by my cancer and Sjogren's.

I have slept most of the month away would be the whole month if not for my kitten.  First she starts out be pawing at my legs, then works her way up to my head, nothing like a little cold paw pressing on your check and nose. Once I open my eyes I see Riley less then an inch from my face like you going to get up anytime soon?   I get up make some food play with the kitty, and as soon as I start eating she crawls up in my bed and goes back to sleep.

I made the side wall out of Science Project Board I picked up from the dollar store.  It took several measurements before I finally got the right dimensions.  I still haven't decided on the exterior look of the stucco, slanted wood, clapboard, ugh decision, decisions. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Your Bicycle Missing a Pedal?

So somehow that pesky pedal on your bike has Disappeared what to do?............Lego's to the Rescue

A and B are Pedals taken off a newer and older model bicycle, C is a Lego that can be purchased at or in a Lego store, online you will find the individual pieces under Customized items Pick a Brick.under the Wheel Base section it is the Bearing Element 2 X 2, there is also I few more that might work as well found here:

The lego wheel base fits perfectly....................and look more realistically like an actual bike pedal.

I have a possible solution if you are missing the peg/arm that holds the petal too, I just have to rummage through my Lego's to see if the piece will actually work. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello McDonald's

A crap day at the eye doctor ended on a high note, with a quick stop at the Toy Collectible store which rarely has girl toys but I saw on their Facebook that they had recently got some older Barbie toys.  I wasn't expecting any of them to be left since it had been a month or two but too my surprise they still had it, since thankfully mainly guys and those who collect Action Figures and Comic books patron this store.

Employee Side of Counter
Up close view of Condiments and Storage
Customer Side
Fry Cooker
Patio Fence
Sean and Riley Date night at daughter's Summer Job
Sean Sweating over Fry Cooker
Summer Job
Opps dropped again....5  minute rule

U want fries with those?
where are those darn cups

Friday, July 25, 2014

Barbie Malibu A-Frame McMansion Dreamhouse conversion to Hollister Beach Surf House.  I was able to score this house the 80's pink version last year from a shop that was closing its brick location but maintaing an online store so I got for $75 with my Christmas cash from my sister;   I had wanted the original one from the year I was born, but waited too long.  I also scored the Star Traveller camper which was only missing the ladder, roof and accessories, this vehicle is also going under remodel (birthday present) along with a VW Van that will become a Surfer Camper, SUV picnic car that will redone to look like a Surf Woody, trying to get my hands on a cheap PT cruiser as well as come VW bugs, I will be uploading info later on these projects.

Exterior and Interior 
My plan is to paint the entire house white then add accent colors, but doing it where it can easily been changed since I might change my mind 6 months later.  That and I would like to purchase either a whole house, pieces or another center section to finish off my vision.  I will be using contact paper and acrylic paint for further painting after spraying the house white with Plastic Spray Paint.

Also trying to figure out how to add more architecture features for the 2nd store railings.  First one so far is just using foam board and Plastic Canvas, I only had white, plan on looking at other colors to see what it looks like the down side is the interior wall will be solid no railings.

2nd option cutting foam board to fit in between the railings, since I had no colored Plastic Canvas I painted the board blue then cut the plastic canvas to cover it.  On the interior side I used some crafting paper 70's style to see what it would look like. 

After taking a trip to browse at Michaels a new idea hit me instead of painting then gluing plastic canvas, I can use thin craft foam then glue plastic canvas, or thick colored foam. 

Exterior Walls/Ends
I am still trying to find the right material to use to close the sides of the bottom floor up and how to decorate the walls, #1 Paint it, #2 Stucco #3 Diagonal, horizontal or vertical Balsa Wood #4 Texture Architecture Plastic.  I had tried using a placemat that I found fit perfect but architecturally it didn't fit with the rest of the features of the home. Below are pictures of the place mats, even thought about using placemat as interior wall design and using foam board as the exterior. 

I will also be adding details like AC Unit, power box, water socket and hose, exterior house lights, and maybe some gutters.  This is a prototype but I recently found a fan from my old laptop so I may be redesigning shortly.

 I will be using neon green contact paper, using tooth pick to insure the shape of the shingles are shown and ensure there are no air bubbles.  Option 1#  Making Shingles look like real life shingles, I will be using acrylic paint, the process will be painting a layer then use shaker filled with sand, let dry then paint another layer. Option 2# Painting a weather look roof to make it look like spainsh tile.

I will be using poster board cut to shape of floor and then stick or glue the flooring for the rooms, this way I can easily change the flooring.

I will be using a wood channels from
as a track for sliding walls the wood floor, I will use this to hold the upper part of the wall as the house already has a channel on the floor. .

Doors, Closets, Flower Boxes, Column Covers
Currently I am missing the left front door, the back doors, closet and planters.  I found some plastic gutter guard in the shed and cut two pieces one installed on the exterior and one on interior with the holes lining up to give some architecture flare.

I like the front door so hopefully i will be able to find one on ebay along with the other missing doors.  I believe I can build flower boxes but if I can find them on line for cheap I will purchase.

I will also either by online or create Column Covers for the house currently I have 2 broken ones on the front upper level of the house.

Solar Panels
The house has openings on the roof to access the house to play, but it is also seen as a jungle gym for my half Bengal Cat, if they held Cat gymnastics competition my kitty would be all over it.  My plan is to make a cover that looks solar panels for the two slanted roofs, and Plexiglas window inserts for the very top.  I will also be installing Plexiglas in all windows that will be remove-able for appearance and to close up house so my ninja kitty will not climb in and knock everything around.  I will be visiting the fish section of my local pet stores and Walmart to find replacements for the upstairs

Note:  Kitty will be getting a walk way and swinging bridges on the ceiling and upper walls and her very own house way up high,  But she is a very nosy cat and must inspect and sniff any thing that comes into  her territory.


I am currently looking at different interior pictures of beach homes and surf shacks as well as decor from the 1960's, 70's, and 80's to make a final decision on what the interior will look like.

I am currently making pallets that will be used as bed frames

as well as making movable sofa components out of wood boxes from AC Moore with legos as legs.  This will serve as a seat, bed and extra storage.

    I will also be using these candle holders as seats by adding cushions.

These smaller surf boards will be used as wall decor/shelving and as possible coffee tables.

I will be getting some indoor/outdoor astro turf for grass, I will also be making smaller diorama sections such as outdoor shower, barbecue section, bicycle storage, outdoor hammocks, pool house.   When playing or taking pictures all the pieces would fit together showing the entire lot that the house sits on.  I will also have a pool not the smaller scaled down Mattel sells one that is the right scale which happens to be made by several companies aka toddler pool (pic).  The pool playset will be easily set up and can break down for storage, I will be building a deck for the above ground pool.  I am looking to possible build an outdoor barbie public Pool in my yard, also got other crazy ideas like an Ewok Village in our woods.