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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Beach Day

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

Game Room tables under construction

I got this in a random store in the Cross Roads Mall in Cary, NC a few years ago.  I happened to come across it again while I was setting up my Rip Girlz Surf house.  I had been pondering on exactly how I was going to make the legs longer.  As I was rummaging thru one of my wood boxes starring back at me was pieces from a 1:12 scale log cabin it was the same width and shape I needed.

Pool Table

Friday, December 25, 2015

Changing a 1/12th scale island to 1/6th scale island

Turning a 1:12th scale kitchen island to a 1:6th  kitchen island.  The tools I need and the island. 

Had to figure out how to make legs, then it hit me the wooden chop sticks were perfect.

I broke out my other kitchen island to measure the height then figured out what length I needed to cut the chop sticks. 

Then the question was how to properly secure the legs to the kitchen island, digging through my odds and ends I come across wooden beads.  

The whole need to be bigger so I used the drill bit to widen the hole shaved the leg down and sanded then I slid the leg into the bead. 

Then it was time to glue legs to the bottom of the kitchen island, I know have to figure out what detail to add to the back side.

I have another option as well I got these plastic pieces from a build your on straw from the dollar tree it also came with angled connector too.

The final product in the SRip Girlz Beack Shack...........

Rip Girlz Surf Team

Rip Girlz Surf Team first apartment in Hollister California, after graduating high school the four best friends split 2 became Pro Surfers and the other 2 traveled Europe.  They girls stayed in touch and 4 years later they return to California and became roommates in a beach house a block away from the boardwalk.

Mia chilling in the living room listening to Kayla colorfully describes her day and her encounter with the girlz arch enemy aka Super Rich/Prom Queen/Head Cheerleader/girlfriend of quarterback ......;to be cont

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Doll becomes a Christmas Tree Topper

I wanted to decorate in November my sister didn't want any Christmas to after Thanksgiving and this year she wanted a real tree.  We haven't had a real tree since our mom passed away, my sister was at work when she heard the page that Christmas trees were down to $10.  Needless to say she came home with the Tree, it sat two days till we got a stand for it, then it sat a couple more till I had energy to get the decorations out of storage.  We have all our childhood decorations that have survived some of the 40+ years.  We have these old wise men there was 3 now on 2 that have to be over 50 years old.

In addition to those decorations I had a brilliant idea of just using our old and new toys as decorations.  I had a collection of toys that I got from cereal boxes and happy meals and I used some rubber bands to hook them up to the tree. We haven't had a topper for the tree neither of us could decide what to put there.  My sister wanted the Death Star, an arch angel or Yoda.  I thought about created an Archangel with my dolls but there was no time for this year.   Then it hit my like a bag bricks, my sister likes Angelina Jolie and the movie Maleficent.  It just so happen there sitting right in front of me on the shelf with my witches and villains sat that very character.   It took my sister less than a second to agree to use her as a tree topper.  Now how to get her to stay up there without damaging the doll.  I went to Michael's since Hobby Lobby isn't open on Sunday and get some flower wire that had some felt that would protect the doll.  I wrapped it around her waist and then left the rest up to my sister, apparently it was easier than we both thought.  She just wrapped the rest of the wire around the top of the tree and BAMM she was on top of the Tree.

We will have to find some cheap star wars toys to add for next year, the ships would work good.  Last year I put a lot of action figures on the tree, this year only the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle small ones I had made it on the tree, a few Gummi Bears, a Cabbage Batch Kid, some Care Bears, Tale Spin Planes, Muppet Babies, Kermit, Tazmanian Devil, Chip n Dale (the cartoon), Gremlins, some Eqoks, Mario and Lugi.

One of the light string didn't work so I have to get one more strand to add to the bottom of the tree.