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Monday, September 26, 2016

Power Team Finds, SIS Dolls and generic clothing/dolls

We needed new rakes so we set out to the local Rose's where our Aunt and Uncle had gotten their old skool metal rake for a mete $5 which fits in our budget. 

The guys out of their Mercenary Uniforms and into some Civi's......

 I also found these items that peaked my interest as future purchases..........

Kids/Children Consignment Sales

The one thing I missed about living one of the biggest cities and capital of my state was the huge Children's Consignment Sale at the State Fair Grounds.  Basically is a big yard sale from everything you need for a 0 to 12ish clothes, furniture, books, toys etc.   I scored allot of my furniture and some dolls at this meet, along with finding items at the flea market that meet my limited budget.

Now I am back to my hometown and noticed just recently that there is Consignment Sales actually several issue is this town is 20 years behind times.  There is alot of activities and festivals that are promoted like the telegraph was just invited.   Tiny little signs used for yard/garage signs,  hmmmm u heard of facebook, Instagram, hell even TV.

The 1st sale was the city one it was small, went on the 2nd day of the event and surprising made some good finds, 2 unopened sets of clothes, horse, jet ski and justin doll with drum, guitar, stand, and keyboard.  My haul cost me $18 which was half my allotted entertainment/escape fund, from a world of Cancer and Sjogrens since Dec 2007 (for cancer) and June 2010 for Sjogren's.  Working in 6th scale/playscale/Barbie allows me to combine my love of architecture, model building, story writing basically being able to use my imagination/

Growing up my sister and I were able to see uses for everyday items in the world of whatever scale we were playing with at the time.  I hope to use this skill in finding items for to sale in my online store that will provide money for my entertainment fund.  Hopefully I can expanded it and make enough money to help pay down my ever mounting medical bills.

The next sale is suppose to be the weekend of Oct 6-8th.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Generic Fashion Doll Clothes by Funville from Wally World

It is so frustrating we have 2 Walmart's the new one which is stocked and everything in its place the other once the Only Wally World in town and happens to be first job has gone to hell in the hand basket.  Even the regional manager picked up and moved to the the new one.  I can never find any of the new stuff cause it's still in boxes in the back but on the bright side they have killer clearance 2 years later when they discover the pallets of Mattel that was located in the the backroom black hole.

The old one is close and I don't have the energy most days to drive 10 minutes to the other side of town for the new wally world.  So on the rare occassion when  my sister decides to go across town the new Wally World which is few and far between on her days off since she works there, I don't hesitate even if I am in pain to jump in the car.  Just the other day we went and I was able to find the latest Funville Fashions here are some that I plan to purchase:

I plan on hopefully getting a handful of these. 

Fashion hasn't been my strong suit apparently my mom didn't hand that down to me, I did inherit southern soul food cooking but no fashion sense.   Maybe if I found the love for Barbie at an earlier age I may have learned something from the plastic queen. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Repurposing Yardsale and Dollar Section Finds!!!!

For a $1.25 I got three items that I will be using in my Surf Shop Diorama.   The first item is a plate holder/dryer in the real world, in Barbie Land it is a Surfboard Rack.

The next item is a handmade Hawaiian serving dish, I plan on adding floating shelves that will display lotions and other odds and ends.  The shelves will most like be Plexiglas. 

The next item I believe is a jewelry holder but in Barbie World it will be store shelving it could also work as lockers or Entertainment center.  The exterior is Faux Leather and the interior is a fuzzy felt like material.

The two purple plants came from the dollar tree, the picture frames came 4 to a pack and was found in the Dollar section in Target.

The potted plants in the photo below came from Target as well located in the Dollar Section which is usually located at the front of the store near the registers.   The two plants with a cork base came from the pet section of Walmart in the Aquarium section.

With summer time coming up here are two (2) ideas for making your Barbie's a pool or water park.  The first picture is a baby pool I purchased from target original price was $8.00, I got it on clearance for $2.  I plan to add a deck and railing on it to make it look like the above ground pools from the 80's/

 The second pool/Jacuzzi is actually marketed as a foot cleaner to use before getting in your pool, this item I found at Big Lots for $7.