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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Finds of the Day and Future Projects

I went to the newest Dollar Tree we got in town it is a large one about the size of a Family Dollar and found lots of items for use in sixth scale/Barbie.  I wasn't able to buy I did get some Buckets for the Doll's and stage lights for my Rock Band Stage.

 The Buckets were with the Wedding Items in the Dollar Tree.  The lights are Finger Lights I found in the toy section with the glow sticks.  The also had glowing bracelets, I may buy one to see if it works as a hula hoop if not I could still use as a prop.  I am trying to find some cheap plain plastic braclets to use as hola hoops for my sixth scale toy store.

I also picked up a few items from Hobby Lobby and Michael's that I will post tomorrow after I go back and get some pictures of other items for my wish list.   I must say I am so glad that we got a new Hobby store, considering all the one's we had when I was little had shuttered their doors once Michael;s came to town.  I had thought all of them were gone the first which carried Trains was in the 1st shopping center are town had that was anchored by Roses.  It soon closed after Roses and other business moved to the same street as the new and only Mall.

 In that mall another Hobby Shop opened up I would spend hours in there as my mom shopped.
Then it was gone, forever I thought....apparently NOT after moving back do to my cancer and autoimmune disease I was waiting from the Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions so I hoped back in my car and decided to check out what business had closed and what was new on that part of Western Blvd.

I saw the Hobby Express sign, this isn't like any chain store you will every see, it is run by an immigrant from Asia not sure what country.  It is basically a home town store stuffed full, beyond full over flowing with items for all types of hobbies, remote control cars, airplanes, and any and every part to build cars from scratch if one so desired, model trains, paints galore, all kinds of models planes, tanks, boats rockets, and then there is the Warcraft and just about any RPG type game, the figures, dice, buildings, figures, landscaping, then the mother load of Sixth Scale Action Figures, Military, Superheros, vehicles, weapons.  It also has the tables for the Marines to play different RPG different days and times are set for each type of game.  The owner is cool, knowledgeable shop keeper that will order what you need, allow extended layaway etc.

I also found 2 stores run by Asian women who had married American GI's one store I am pretty sure is Korean and the other Japanese.  Both have knowledgeable shopkeepers who love interacting with shoppers and helping when ever possible.  They will also get stuff you want from the Asian Market I have meant to ask about the Rement products, hopefully I can get one of them to order some when ever I have any extra money that isn't paying medical bills which are out of this world.   Working with miniatures, taking pictures and working on my family tree on is the only things preventing me from flipping out or exploding like Mt. Everest. I hope to start constructing a dual project with my sister in the woods next to our house, we plan on integrating the barbie structures I want to build with a Put Put course my sister will design.  So the next generation of kids will have a fun activity to do.  Play put put and then dolls or both at the same time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Work Shop Projects October

It has been a while since my creative juices have been flowing and finding the energy to put some of my  many sketches or ideas to reality.

The following pictures are parts for my Wiccan Workshop/Space/Classroom:

The following are IV's for a future Hospital/Chemo diorama.......

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Concert Stage Work in Progress

Mixing and matching different accessories from various sets like Barbie Rockers, Bratz, and off brands overseas and giving them a little makeover.   Just have to figure how to get the dolls to stand without one seeing the doll stands.

You can't tell from the picture but the Drum Set is on a floor that can spin. 

In the back ground u see the a computer monitor that will become the "Big Screen" and standing next to them is a Rockers Stage that I will attach to the monitor.  I also by adding more details like accents colors and lighting.

Duct Tape so many uses, the brick was just to boring so I found this tape at Wally World, and decided it was perfect.  You can still tell it is brick stage but now it is a "painted" cool colors, I used electric tape as the border

This piece will be where the the keyboard player will stand

Still working on the exactly how the top part will look!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Awaiting my New Arrivals

Finally completing my Ghostbuster set with the edition of Egon and Ray, It took 2 years but according to Fed-ex tracking the set will be complete, thanks to Christmas Cash from the Best Uncle ever.  

Christmas money from the Best Aunt/Godmother was used to get something I asked Santa Clause for in 1984 after seeing the commercial.

And the last of my Christmas money that wasn't spent on my Medicine went to add some Hispanic Flavor to my doll collection with the edition of Fashion Fever Kayla

and Cali Girl Lea Riding version with hinge knee and elbows. 

These two ladies are coming via Vermont and are the last purchases for a while.  I need to get on the ball and set up my Ebay and Esty store and clean up my Studio or as my sister calls it my Toy Store.   Time to set up all my diorama's, inventory and clean up all my 1:12 scale dollhouse, furniture and accessories so I can sell them plus all the other old toys from our childhood that we no longer need.  We are only keeping the one's made by family members, hopefully we can pass those on to the next generation. 

Hopefully I will be able to set up my train along with my 1/6 Collection, I have so many ideas floating in my mind of things I want to build, actually have several notebooks with sketches of buildings and furniture.  The key is having more good days than bad, which hasn't been easy with this long journey battling Cancer and an Autoimmune Disorder.