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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Repurposing Yardsale and Dollar Section Finds!!!!

For a $1.25 I got three items that I will be using in my Surf Shop Diorama.   The first item is a plate holder/dryer in the real world, in Barbie Land it is a Surfboard Rack.

The next item is a handmade Hawaiian serving dish, I plan on adding floating shelves that will display lotions and other odds and ends.  The shelves will most like be Plexiglas. 

The next item I believe is a jewelry holder but in Barbie World it will be store shelving it could also work as lockers or Entertainment center.  The exterior is Faux Leather and the interior is a fuzzy felt like material.

The two purple plants came from the dollar tree, the picture frames came 4 to a pack and was found in the Dollar section in Target.

The potted plants in the photo below came from Target as well located in the Dollar Section which is usually located at the front of the store near the registers.   The two plants with a cork base came from the pet section of Walmart in the Aquarium section.

With summer time coming up here are two (2) ideas for making your Barbie's a pool or water park.  The first picture is a baby pool I purchased from target original price was $8.00, I got it on clearance for $2.  I plan to add a deck and railing on it to make it look like the above ground pools from the 80's/

 The second pool/Jacuzzi is actually marketed as a foot cleaner to use before getting in your pool, this item I found at Big Lots for $7.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Summer Time...Means Ideas flooding the Imgination

I love to walk and browse different areas of stores to see if something jumps out at me to be turned into something that would fit in to the 1/6th scale world.   With Surf and Beach Dolls as my favorite dolls pool stuff always seem to jump out at me.  Walking thru the baby aisle this simple toy that I remember playing with as a child would be perfect for Whitewater Rafts.

Two years ago I found a toodler pool that was perfect size for Barbie, this year I happen to see this which would also make a good pool.

Down the Easter Aisle I finally found the plastic braclets I was looking for they will make perfect hola Hoops...

Also found this game that needs a nice wood casing or just legs and a paint job perfect for Game Room.

Yet another item perfect for outdoor basketball court will need a paint job.

Two things came to mind when I saw these, blades for rocket type engine on a boat, a propeller for DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle),,,  I  have a couple of ideas for the body and casing for the blade.


I got shis beauty for .a quater I plan to use on multiple venues, a play house for Kelly/Chelsea, a feature on a put put course, and toy store....

This shelf I found at Michael's I saw a similar one in a Diorama, my plan is to stain this piece..This piece will also be used in several sets, thinking about getting 2 more so I can make an Asian theme restaurant. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Barbie Articulation and the new 2016 Batman Body from Mattel vs. 2009 Lex Luther Body from Mattel

We know it is possible for Mattel to make a Full Articulate Doll we have seen dolls thru out the years but somehow the still go in reverse.  I understand making a Playline Doll for younger children who are more rough on Dolls but not to turn the entire line in to stiff legs and arms.  I don't see why the playline doll  had to be changed to stiff legs instead of old clickable legs that would bend?  If Monster High and Ever High dolls can have joints why not Barbie?   Fahionisates should have stayed as jointed dolls, now the Made to Move Doll is a good step but why not a Yoga Ken Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??????

I find it funny that the cheap/Knock off/Store Brand Fashion Dolls that use to have the stiff legs and arms now look exactly like the 90's Mattel Barbie.  I have got several dolls from Walmart, Big Lots, etc and the laughed to my self at how things have changed.   the clothing line has also taken a turn for the cheap since Cali Girl and My Scene line.  Walmart has a store brand that has cheaper and better made clothes than what Mattel selection, I have started looking at ebay and yard sales to get clothing from the past.  Hopefully with the new shake up in creativity at Mattel and Hasbro taking over Disney line maybe we can get back to the Good Days, with a variety of clothing that isn’t just pink and glittery and normal color furniture similar to the 70’s and 80’s.  

I recently received Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman overall both my sister and I like them even she wants her own Wonder Woman Doll.  The part I didn’t like which most fans agree is that the clothes like Hunger Games wasn’t made to come off.  After taking a look I was able to unstitch the back and pull the uniform off both Batman and Superman and added Velcro so the Uniform can be removed.  With the Wonder Woman there is no way without messing up her Outfit, I decided when needed I would take her head off and put on another body when I need her in normal clothes for my Story Boards.

I have 5 figures that I got at Big Lots for cheap that came from Matty Collector which is a company owned by Mattel that makes Action Figures for DC Comics, He Man and Ghost Busters.   Below are Pictures showing the Lex Luther Doll 2009 and  the 2016 Batman by Mattel.

Left hand in same position though the Batman hands are considerable smaller than Lex and Batman is slightly shorter. 

Flexible Feet. 

Removable hands. 

Shoulder blades/Chest plate moved inward.

There is four hair pieces that came with doll and 3 set of hands in different positions.

I will take pictures of the Ghostbusters Guys and there Equipment, the detail is incredible particularly the Proton Packs.